Notice to Competitors No.1

Revised Cruising and Multihull Class allocations for the Bay Regatta. 

Based on minimum entry criteria in the Cruising A and Multihull Cruising classesClass allocations are amended as follows:

Cruising A and Cruising B will now be merged into a combined “Cruising Class” and divided into 2 divisions “Cruising A” and “Cruising B”.

Division allocations will be based on Hull Length, Displacement Ratio and Design.

Prizes will be presented for each division.

Divisions will be scored using a performance-based handicap system using a boats current IRC/NHC Handicap/PYC Club Handicap as its base rating. The TCF may be adjusted during the course of the regatta. Calculation or adjustment of TCFs are not grounds for redress or protest.

This amends NOR 3.1 and NOR 7.

Multihulls, will be raced as combined class called “Multihull Racing” and duel scored with prizes awarded under OMR and a performance based prize using a boats current PYC Club Handicap as its base rating. This amends NOR 7.3

Name:              Simon James     

Position:         Race Committee

Posted:            12.00 12/02/2019