First Time Guide — Part 3



Course Diagrams for The Bay Regatta will be available for download prior to the event. A laminated set of coures diagrams will be issued at registration.

Courses are designed each day taking into account the weather forecast, tidal streams, and speed of each class of boat.

Courses are broadcast prior to the warning signal via VHF and displayed on course boards during your sequence.

If you have registered your mobile phone details with us, your course details may also be sent via text to mobile phones. Registration of your mobile phone must be done in advance via the entry form or let us know by the Thursday prior to the start of the week. If you lose your phone or need to change numbers for any reason then you will need to let us know the evening before a new number is to be used


If you retire from a race for any reason, please let us know either by calling on VHF 77 or by phoning the Regatta Centre on 081 894 0280.


Results will be published online on the official website and on official notice boards. See you on the water!

The Notice of Regatta was published on the 1st November. It should be noted that we give an early bird discounted entry fee to those who enter and pay prior to the 13th January 2019. For payment received after this date a late entry fee is applied.

Any updates to the NOR will be published in the Race documents section