Follow the Moose at The Bay Regatta.


Moose is an attitude. Moose is a philosophy.

Moose is the freedom to think and behave differently.
To not accept the status quo, but to zig while others zag.

It’s the bravery to express yourself and challenge
conventions. To not be afraid to try something new,
something bold, something brave. Moose is quirky
and individualistic. Moose is fresh and independent.

Don’t be tied down by the routine. Don’t be tied down
by your habits. Rise up… get out of your comfort zone.

Be the bold one… be Moose!


Being bold is an attitude, but it’s also a
matter of taste.

Taste created by specially selecting the best apples
and slowly letting them develop into the perfect
balance of fruity sweetness and crisp refreshment.

Taste that’s not too heavy and not too light, that
gives a great depth of flavour and
a clean, smooth finish.

Taste that should always be enjoyed over ice and
in great company.

So, as you can see, being bold is a matter of taste.

A matter of great taste.