The Bay Regatta 2015 are working with RaceQs to bring you the opportunity to track and relive your Bay Regatta experience

 With RaceQs you can watch your races free in 3D with animated race replays.  Using the RaceQs software. you can record one boat or an entire fleet and watch the replay in 3D. You don't need any special equipment to get started, just a smart phone.

Give it a test drive today and change the way you race.

Below is a quick and dirty intro highlights the best features of the raceQs 3D replay. Monitor the fleet rankings, review race data and relive the race experience.

Record and replay your sailboat race in 3D with this simple tracker App. Launch it with just the push of button and you can relive your 3D sailing adventure from any computer. Evaluate your sailing performance in 3D and create a virtual sailing journal online. You don't need any special equipment, just this app and your smart phone.

· Free
· One Button operation
· No Cell Signal required
· Record your entire racing fleet
· Displays Speed, VMG and more
· Record Pitch, Yaw and Heel (optional)
· Automatic Upload tracks over Wi-Fi or Cell Signal
· Full Privacy Controls
· Low-battery auto shut-off
· Works Below Decks
· Advanced Features available

Give it a test drive today and change the way you race.

Once you have downloaded the app. follow the simple instructions and and check out the Regatta replay below or access the Regatta Replay page directly  at